Thursday, November 12, 2009

Durga: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Durga: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Rough Translation: 'Om and Salutations to that feminine energy which protects from all manner of negative influences, and for which Dum is the seed.'
Durga is the Divine Protectress. Typically shown riding a lion or a tiger, Durga has a hundred arms, each with a different weapon of destruction. Yet her face is exquisitely beautiful to behold. The interpretation is that to the pious and the sincere seeker after truth, her sight can produce ecstacy and a variety of beautiful forms. But the negative, harmful or demonic, her countenance is as terrible as Kali, except she shows more weapons of destruction than Kali (who is described later).

The Planet Saturn: Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha

The Planet Saturn: Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha
Rough translation: 'Om and salutations to the presiding spirit in the planet Saturn.'
Saturn is the planet of lessons. It is closely related to the karma we may encounter in a given lifetime. It also stands as a gatekeeper to some of the higher vibrations to which we aspire though spiritual development. By offering salutations outwardly, one clears certain internal obstructing energy patterns. But Saturn has received an overly negative reputation from some astrologers. There have been circumstances where very positive things manifested in people's lives unexpectedly, apparently as a direct result of working with this mantra.
Internally, Saturn energy is predominant in the spleen, knees and skeletal system. However, as Saturn moves through the various astrological signs, it 'triggers' karma we may have stored under astrological configurations found in that sign. Therefore, the use of the Saturn mantra can mitigate and even clear certain categories of karma which appear in our lives. This mantra has been used with great success personally. And I have received reports of its efficacy from many other people.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Navagraha Mantra

Surya : Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah
   Chandra  : Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah
Mangala : Om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah
Budha : Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah
Guru : Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah
Shukra : Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah
             Shani  : Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah
     Rahu : Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah
     Ketu : Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah

What you can get out of working with mantras

Luckily for us, there are many many mantras out there - thousands in fact. And the purposes are so diverse, including such things as...
  • attracting abundance in all areas - friends, health, etc
  • attracting love
  • gaining inspiration
  • spiritual development
  • helping yourself find fulfilment
  • overcoming health problems, whether mild or serious
  • alleviating karmic burdens
  • improving the way others perceive you
  • removing obstacles in life
  • gaining peace in difficult circumstances
  • gaining confidence
  • spiritual protection
  • attaining special spiritual abilities
  • etc etc

Sunday, November 8, 2009

gayatri mantra


OM Namah Shivaya


Om Apadam apahartaram Dataram Sarva Samapadam
Loka Bhi Ramam, Shri Ramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham

This Rama mantras is regarded by Thomas Ashley-Farrand as one of the great healing mantras and one which is especially good for alleviating mental and/or emotional problems. Yes it's long, but I have found it's effects to be very interesting indeed. I've even had a very long and emotional past life flashback while chanting this one so don't underestimate the effects these mantras can have. Also remember they are working on levels that most of us can hardly perceive. Some effects you will notice at the time, others may only become apparent later.

maha shakti mantra

Om Eim Hrim Klim Chamundayei Vicche Namaha

For building self-confidence and willpower when feeling weak, nervous or lacking drive. Also for protection from evil forces. For me, this is a great mantra for those times when I need a boost to get me going. (However do read the "Ego-Purging Mantras" section below before going hard out with this one!) A very important mantra.

Saraswati mantra

Om Eim Sawaswatyai Swaha
For attracting Saraswati's blessings in the areas of inspiration, creativity, knowledge and the intellect, plus in all areas of the arts and sciences. There is also a much longer mantra which I think is great in the book

Lakshmi mantra

Om Gam Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

For attracting the abundance in all areas into your life. You can also focus on a specific area if you want - i.e. income, friends etc. (This is a standard Lakshmi mantra with a Ganesha seed syllable "Gam" added to help remove obstacles at the same time.) I chant a lot of different mantras, but this a good default daily mantra.


Om Gam Ganapatayei Namaha

A very well-known Ganesha mantra commonly used for removing any obstacles facing people in life. They can be obstacles to success, love, or whatever situation you feel is "stuck". Simply chant the mantra - or you can set the intention by stating the desired obstacles to be removed before you chant - and Ganesha in his wisdom will help.


Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshwarah
Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah

whenever you stared to chant a mantra first of all rember the GURU